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Information and Benefits

Membership Benefits

What HBANMS can do for Home Builders and Associates of the home Building Industry



With your membership you are not only a member of your local Home Builders Association, but also with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Home Builders Association of Mississippi (HBAM). You have tapped into a vast nation-wide, statewide and local network of professionals in the housing industry.


What better way to expand your business circle than by getting involved in trade organizations dedicated to the building industry? Align your company with the areas most involved and successful business people – HBA members. Our membership meetings, after-hours events, golf tournament, skeet shoot, and Christmas Mingle are just a few of the networking opportunities available to our members.


Enhance your visibility by taking advantage of our sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Provide exposure to your company through a broad range of targeted audiences on the local, state, and national level.


Standing alone, you are one voice, but united with others in the association many great things can be accomplished for the good of the building industry and the community in which we live. The association is also part of several coalitions that were created to not only help shape the future of our industry, but to ensure that you will have one.


Cash in on discount programs. Mississippi’s Builder Member Rebate Program – Participation is easy and free. Participants have received amounts in rebates to pay for their membership. Visit www.hbarebates.comto register & claim. Discount program offers from top national companies including GM, Dell, FEDEX, Office Depot, Hertz and more. Go to to see the entire list of the companies participating.


The image you portray to the buying public can make or break your business. By joining the home builders association, you are showing the public that you care about your industry, your peers, your customers and the community. Membership in the association will set you apart from others and distinguish you as truly committed to your business and the housing industry.

Don’t Make Excuses

“Maybe later” Why wait? The sooner you join the sooner you can begin benefiting from the services offered by the home builders association.

“I can’t afford it” You can’t afford not to join! Your active participation will reap cost saving benefits such as healthcare and workers comp plans as well as business leads, contacts and member discounts available exclusively to association members. Becoming a member of the home builders association is one of the most solid business decisions you can make. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

“I’m already involved in organizations” How many of those organizations are trade related and directly tied to your livelihood? The home builders association exists to help you stay in business and prosper in the building industry.

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